A Guide to Places with Pictures and Stories from Life


Places In London where Photography is Allowed and Places Near London where Photography is Allowed.

Photographs may not be used for any commercial purpose without the permission of a venue’s manager.

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Waddesdon Interior      Waddesdon Manor       Canal Boat Parade!!     Peckham Rye Park!!    Nunhead Cemetery!!    St Augustines’s !!

!! Interiors/parks that are free, enjoy    🙂 Caution may contain humour (allegedly)    ? Check item for photographic opportunity

↓ By Location                                         Featured Extracts

Stories & Writery x 8  Brighten the Days x21   Beating Winter Blues    London Markets x 6    30+Sth Bank Attractions   Great Greenwich !!

WordPress Changes        Hope & Humanity       Amazing Canterbury   Kew Palace        Goslings&Ducklings!! 🙂   Antique Time!!        

↓ Central, West, North, East and South London

Central London

South Kensington

Science Mus London !! Antique Timepieces !! Model Steam Eng’s !!                                           Brighten the Day 7 🙂   Brighten the Day 4

V & A Museum!!         Steps That Speak !!   The Albert Memorial !!                         The Dog and Swan🙂    Brighten the Day 6 😀

Natural History Mus !!     Earth’s Treasury 2 !!     The Vault !!         Earth’s Treasury 1 !!      Extremely Rare 🙂      Brighten the Day 5


Kensington Palace     Kensington Gardens !!   The Elfin Oak !!                                 Squirrels in Park🙂     Kens’ Gdns Flowers

Nat Portrait Gallery !!    Nat Gallery !!       St Martin in the Field ?      Trafalgar Square !!    Squirrels up Leg 🙂     Brighten the Day 3

Trans’ Museum            Covent Garden Market!!                                                  The Great Nut Heist🙂  Brighten the Day 9

Museum of London!!   The London Guildhall!!   Guildhall Gallery!!     Postmans Park!!         Spring and Squirrels🙂   Brighten the Day 10

Westmin’ Cathedral!!   The Queens Gallery    The Royal Mews        St James’s Park !!      Canada Memorial !!    Park Life 🙂

Westminster Palace  ?     Tate Britain !!          In All Their Glory            Vauxhall Park !!           Jane Perkins Artwork   Mystery Flower

St Paul’s Cathedral ?Photos only few days p.a.   Bow Bells ~ !!             Southwark Cathedral !?                          Brighten the Day 2 

British Museum !!      Gas Lamps & Penny ~       Morphed Bubbles                            Climate Rally               Beep

             The Wallace Collection !!                 Wallace Ornaments !!  Wallace Armoury !!  Brighten the Day 6 🙂   emorphes-Orchids

                                  Queen Marys’ Gardens !!             Herons                Many Merry Xmases  Queen Mary’s Flowers

Tower Bridge                            The White Tower             Tower of London             Oldest Church !!   

Temple Church ?      Temple Court !!        Temple Court Flowers

West London and West of London

     Holland Park and Kyoto Gardens !!      Chelsea Physic Gdn                            Closed For Xmas 🙂    Brighten the Day 1

                Kew Palace                     Kew Gardens                                    Kew Flowers             Kew Orchids

       Inside Strawberry Hill House            Strawberry Hill Hse      When I’m 64        Floral Fusion 1          Floral Fusion 2

Ham House                   York House Gdns !!                                             When Squirrels Meet

          Osterley Park House                          Osterley Park                                                          Osterley Park Flora  

Hampton Court       Hampton Crt by River  Hampton Crt Gardens   Bushy Park  !!            Bushy Park Deer🙂     Beautiful Damoiselle

             Windsor Castle                           River at Windsor 

North West

         Bekonscot Model Village           🙂   Vintage Adverts   Vintage Adverts 2         The Builders  

South West

Wisley Sculpture        Wisley Gardens        Said Alice, at Wisley      Bonsai Trees          Wisley Orchids & ~     Wisley Flowers

North London and North of London

Sutton House           Geffrye Museum !!                           Wheels on Fire        Cilla’s Gift                      Geffrye Mus Gardens !!

Woodberry  !!                St Mary’s Church !!     Clissold Park !!              Goslings&Ducklings !!🙂 Clissold Park !! 🙂

Camden Markets        London Waterbus   Canal Boat Parade!!

             Kenwood House !!               Kenwood Park Gdns !!    Fenton House           Burgh House  !!     Kenwood Flowers

Waltham Abbey  !! and King Harold’s Day      Halloween Frights      Waltham Falcons 🙂    Loki the Raven    

Waddesdon Interor       Waddesdon Manor

Hatfield House & Queen Elizabeth I                                   Les Poulet Sont Chic  🙂                   Hatfield House Gdns

East London and East of London


Painted Hall !!          Amazing Greenwich   Tall Ships                                       Greenwich Squirrels    Greenwich Flowers     

The Chapel !!          Greenwich Gardens !!   Cutty Sark              Greenwich Fest       History of Navigation

The Queens House!!   Maritime Museum !!     Greenwich Fans        Book Benches          Flamsteed House     Royal Observatory     


Mus’ of Docklands!!    Mudchute City Farm!!

Mus’ of Childhood !!    Mus’ of Childhood !!            Street Art and Tolerance –  Brick Lane and Further      !!

Blackfriars Pub              Mus’ of St John !!

Crossness Pumping      TH Cemetery Park !!   Victoria Park !!       Rainbow over Shard     Above It All              Cable Car – London

Danson House         Hall Place Interior      Hall Place Gardens😀   Hall Place Birds    Hall Place Butterflies    Hall Place Flora


About Canterbury    Canterbury Cathedral    Canterbury Heritage    St Thomas Hospital     The Beaney House!!        St Augustine’s

Leeds Castle            Leeds Castle Gdns                          Leeds Castle Falcons     Swans in the Mist       Leeds Castle Flowers

South London and South of London

        Southwark Cathedral           !?        30 + South Bank Attractions             Tate Modern !!      Super Bubbles

Peckham Rye Park !!     Nunhead Cemetery!!     St Augustines !!  

Dulwich Art & Park    Crystal Pal’ Dinosaurs!! 🙂 Crystal Pal’ M’cycles  Crystal Palace Race   Crystal Palace Moto~

           Horniman Museum             !!    Horniman Gardens !!                                                     Horniman Flowers